What is Model United Nations?

With the support of the school board, Deutsche Schule Barcelona has been participating in national and international MUN conferences on a regular basis for many years. These conferences are prepared in weekly meetings, in which the students debate political issues following UN procedures. This helps them to develop relevant skills such as:

  • public speaking, networking and leadership
  • conducting in-depths research on current politics and the background and policies of the respective countries
  • adopting formal procedures, i.e. writing policy statements and devising resolutions

Some aspects worth mentioning before you join our MUN project:

To make it a rewarding experience for all participants please keep in mind the following points:

First and foremost

  • your command of English should be good or better.

Furthermore, you should

  • be interested in politics
  • be prepared to conduct research in your free time
  • be able to represent another country’s position, even if you personally disagree with it
  • be interested in attending an international conference and adapt to its procedures and the host country’s culture

But above all you should enjoy debating and giving speeches.

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