Hello to all future participants in our DSBMUN 2023!

I am Yasmin Ayuso, your chair for the Security Council. I currently attend the 11th grade at the German School of Barcelona and having been participating in Model United Nations for three years, I know that it can provide benefits such as enhancing your public speaking, debating and writing skills and allowing young minds to open up to the world. We hope to provide you with these benefits by discussing the multilateral civil war in Yemen and the international energy crisis in our committee. I look forward to conducting a fruitful and productive debate and hope you have a great experience attending our DSBMUN!


Dear delegates and teachers, I am very glad to welcome you at our very first DSBMUN. Our MUN group has always enjoyed going to conferences and we want to share this wonderful experience with you. Model United Nations, has always been a place for those dedicated and creative, to get an idea of how world politics work, why they work this way and how to make them better. This conference took a lot of work, time and effort to organise to give you our very best. We look forward to seeing you debate and enjoy BCNMUN! Best wishes from your Co-Secretary General, Maryana Shustova.


Hi! My name is Andrés Olivar and I’m a 17 year old student of the German School of Barcelona. Since we first thought about hosting our first DSBMUN, I have been keen on taking over some responsibility organising it, and this is why apart from being chair in the SC, I am in charge of the administration and the logistics of the conference together with Marc Boqué. Being part of this project makes has been an exciting experience, and I am eager to see the conference happen. See you all in January!


Hello! I am Marc Boqué. I am a 16 year old student at the German School of Barcelona and I am in charge of the logistics administration of the DSBMUN conference. Together with Andrés Olivar, I am supervising the coordination of everyone so that everything is executed perfectly and we can all enjoy a well organized conference. Additionally, I am in charge of controlling and balancing the financial part of this conference. I have tried to perform my task as best as possible, so I hope that this conference satisfies all delegates’ expectations and that we all have fun taking part in it.


Hello, I’m Mila Tell. I am currently in 11th grade at the German School of Barcelona and at the conference DSBMUN 2023 I am, apart from one of the chairs of ECOSOC, also the Under Secretary General of Media.

I handle everything that falls under public relations and communication, like writing the invitations and controlling the sign-up.

So if you have any doubts or question, don‘t hesitate to contact me!


Hi everybody! Glad to have you here! My name is Alejandro Novellón, I´m 15 years old, and I study in the 10th grade at the German School of Barcelona. I’m responsible for the IT tasks in DSB MUN. Since I was a child I love to be surrounded by people and combine it with my passion: Technology. I´ve done the design of this webpage, and I really hope you enjoy being around. See you soon!


The DSBMUN team